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We are a family-owned Business, who Specialize in Quartz and Natural Stone Wholesale for Fabricators who deal with Commercial and Residential projects.

Since 2010, we are based in London and have earned a reputation of excellence as an importer and distributor of Quality Quartz and Natural stones such as marble, granite, and onyx slabs supplying to the fabricators in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to a rising demand for our product in Midlands we decided to open a yard in Stoke-on-tent to provide faster deliveries at a lower cost for our customers.

R T Stone’s Trademark and popular iStone is manufactured with the finest materials, using very latest technology along with highly qualified craftsmanship and techniques in the quartz industry, creating a surface of superior durability and performance.

R T Stone operates a huge network of deliveries from all around the world of natural stones from Brazil, Italy, India, Spain, Norway, Vietnam, and South Africa based on Client’s/Architect’s requirement for a project.

We offer quality stones at affordable prices. We have experienced sales teams, quality materials, and fast courteous shipping. We partner with several suppliers around the world, we work with top quality products, bringing to fabricators at the perfect price.


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